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(JORC 2012 Ni 41-101)


A trusted name in the field of Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE). With our expertise in adhering to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 guidelines, we provide comprehensive and accurate calculations that ensure the efficient assessment of mineral resources. At Nautilus, we take pride in our commitment to professionalism, technical proficiency, and collaboration with international professional companies, all of which contribute to our ability to deliver MRE services of the highest standard.


The Importance of MRE:

Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE) is a critical step in the mining industry, forming the foundation for decision-making processes and investment evaluations. An accurate and reliable MRE helps mining companies determine the commercial viability of their projects, plan future mining activities, and provide transparent information to stakeholders. It serves as an essential tool for companies seeking financing, regulatory compliance, and responsible resource management.


Adherence to JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 Guidelines:

At Nautilus, we understand the significance of following internationally recognized guidelines to ensure the credibility and integrity of our MRE calculations. We strictly adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes, which outline the best practices and standards for reporting mineral resources. These codes provide comprehensive guidelines for the estimation, classification, and reporting of mineral resources, ensuring consistency and transparency in the industry.


Competent Persons:

Nautilus Mineral Resources boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced competent persons who possess the necessary technical expertise to execute MRE projects with precision. Our competent persons, as defined by the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes, are professionals who are recognized for their qualifications, experience, and competence in mineral resource estimation. They adhere to strict ethical standards and possess in-depth knowledge of geological modeling, data analysis, and mineral resource evaluation.


Our Professional Approach to MRE Calculation:

Geological Modeling:

A solid foundation for any MRE is the accurate and detailed geological model. Our competent persons employ advanced geological modeling techniques, integrating geological data, structural information, and geostatistical analysis to create robust geological models. These models provide a spatial representation of the mineralization, allowing for accurate estimation and interpretation of the mineral resources.


Data Validation:

Data quality is paramount in MRE calculations. Our competent persons meticulously validate and analyze the input data, ensuring its integrity and reliability. They perform thorough checks for data completeness, accuracy, and representativeness, identifying and addressing any inconsistencies or outliers. This process guarantees that the resulting MRE is based on sound data, enhancing the overall accuracy of the estimation.


Statistical Analysis:

Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in MRE, enabling us to understand the variability and distribution of the mineralization. Our team utilizes advanced statistical techniques, such as variography, to quantify the spatial continuity and assess the grade distribution within the deposit. By analyzing the statistical characteristics of the mineralization, we can make informed decisions regarding the appropriate estimation methods and parameters to use.


Grade Interpolation:

Accurate grade interpolation is essential for determining the tonnage and grade of mineral resources. Our competent persons employ various interpolation methods, such as inverse distance weighting, kriging, or geostatistical simulations, depending on the specific characteristics of the deposit. These methods allow for the estimation of grades at unsampled locations, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the mineral resources.


Reporting and Documentation:

Transparent and comprehensive reporting is a fundamental aspect of MRE. Our competent persons diligently document the entire estimation process, ensuring that each step is properly recorded and auditable. We adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes' reporting requirements, which include providing detailed descriptions of the estimation methodology, assumptions, limitations, and sensitivity analyses. This level of transparency instills confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our MRE calculations.


Collaboration with International Professional Companies:

Nautilus Mineral Resources understands the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement. To enhance our technical capabilities and stay at the forefront of industry advancements, we have established alliances with international professional companies. These partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge, access cutting-edge technologies, and leverage best practices from around the world. By engaging in collaborative efforts, we continually refine our processes, ensuring that our MRE services remain at the forefront of technical excellence.



Nautilus Mineral Resources is your trusted partner in professional Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE). We adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 guidelines, ensuring that our MRE calculations are conducted in a smart, accurate, and professional manner. With our team of competent persons and our commitment to technical proficiency, we provide comprehensive and reliable MRE services that meet industry standards. By collaborating with international professional companies, we continuously enhance our capabilities, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and reliable mineral resource assessments. Trust Nautilus Mineral Resources for all your MRE needs, and experience the power of technical excellence in mineral resource estimation.