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Nautilus services include:


Welcome to Nautilus Mineral Resources, a premier provider of early exploration services in the mining industry. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and utilization of cutting-edge geological techniques enable us to conduct exploration activities in a manner that upholds the highest professional standards.


Nautilus recognizes the paramount importance of early geological exploration in identifying and assessing mineral resources. We fully appreciate that a comprehensive and systematic approach is vital to unlocking the full potential of resource development. Hence, we meticulously adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) code or Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum Code NI 43-101., a globally recognized standard for the reporting of exploration results, mineral resources, and ore reserves.


Our comprehensive exploration services encompass a meticulously planned series of steps aimed at acquiring a thorough understanding of the geological potential within a given area. We commence our exploration endeavors with extensive desktop studies, leveraging our team's extensive expertise and access to vast geological databases. These studies enable us to gain valuable insights into the geological history, mineralization patterns, and known deposits within the target area. By diligently analyzing existing geological data, we optimize our exploration strategy, ensuring focused efforts on areas that exhibit the highest potential for mineral resources.


Building upon the information obtained from the desktop studies, our highly experienced geologists undertake meticulous geological mapping. This crucial process involves comprehensive fieldwork, meticulously documenting rock types, structures, and mineral occurrences. The data collected during geological mapping serves as the foundation for the construction of accurate geological models, facilitating subsequent exploration activities.


In our relentless pursuit of enhanced subsurface geological comprehension, we employ advanced geophysical surveys. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys, we can discern variations in rock properties that may indicate the presence of mineral deposits. These geophysical surveys provide invaluable information, allowing us to generate detailed geophysical maps that guide our exploration efforts.


In parallel with geophysical surveys, we undertake meticulous geochemical sampling. Our team meticulously collects samples from various media, including soils, stream sediments, and rock outcrops, focusing on areas of interest identified through geophysical data analysis. These samples are then subject to rigorous analysis in our state-of-the-art laboratories, employing various techniques such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The geochemical data thus obtained provides crucial information regarding mineral composition, concentration, and dispersion patterns, thereby aiding in the identification of prospective mineralization zones.


As part of our unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and reliable results, we conduct drilling campaigns to acquire direct geological information from subsurface depths. Our drilling programs utilize a range of techniques, including diamond drilling and reverse circulation drilling, tailored to the specific requirements of each project. Core samples retrieved from these drilling activities undergo meticulous logging, geological interpretation, and subsequent laboratory analysis. The data acquired from our drilling campaigns allows us to validate our geological models, estimate mineral resources, and evaluate the economic viability of potential mining operations.


Throughout the entire exploration process, we implement stringent quality control and assurance measures. We ensure that our sampling techniques are representative and that all data is captured accurately and securely. Our team of dedicated geologists, geochemists, and geophysicists collaborate closely to cross-validate and integrate data, minimizing uncertainties and bolstering the reliability of our findings.


Nautilus Mineral Resources is keenly aware of the transformative potential of technological advancements in the field of exploration. We harness sophisticated software and data analysis techniques to process and interpret vast volumes of geological and geophysical data. By harnessing advanced algorithms and employing machine learning, we can uncover hidden patterns and anomalies, enabling us to make informed decisions during the exploration phase.


Sustainability and environmental responsibility lie at the core of Nautilus's operations. We conduct our exploration activities in full compliance with environmental regulations and guidelines. We consistently strive to minimize our ecological footprint by employing environmentally friendly practices, including the utilization of low-impact drilling techniques and the implementation of robust site rehabilitation plans.


In conclusion, Nautilus Mineral Resources stands as a beacon of excellence in conducting early geological exploration in a manner that exemplifies professionalism, responsibility, and sustainability. By adhering to the JORC code and employing the latest geological techniques, we ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability of our exploration endeavors.

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Your trusted partner in smart and professional geological prospecting and exploration services. We specialize in delivering solutions for discovering and assessing valuable mineral resources while adhering to the internationally recognized standards outlined in the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) Code or Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum Code NI 43-101. Our team of highly skilled geologists and engineers utilizes cutting-edge technology and follows meticulous steps to ensure accurate and responsible prospecting activities.


The systematic exploration and investigation of the Earth's crust to identify and evaluate potential mineral deposits. At Nautilus Mineral Resources, our process begins with thorough geological research and data analysis. We study the geological characteristics of an area, including its rock formations, structures, and mineralization patterns, to assess the likelihood of finding economically viable mineral resources. By combining various scientific disciplines such as geophysics, geochemistry, and remote sensing, we gather and interpret data that helps us identify anomalies and indicators of mineralization.


At Nautilus Mineral Resources, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide professional geological prospecting services, enabling our clients to make informed decisions with confidence. Our commitment to utilizing advanced technology, following established standards, and employing a meticulous approach sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry.

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1.2. MINERAL RESOURCES - Estimation MRE (JORC 2012 Ni 41-101)

A trusted name in the field of Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE). With our expertise in adhering to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 guidelines, we provide comprehensive and accurate calculations that ensure the efficient assessment of mineral resources. At Nautilus, we take pride in our commitment to professionalism, technical proficiency, and collaboration with international professional companies, all of which contribute to our ability to deliver MRE services of the highest standard.


The Importance of MRE:

Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE) is a critical step in the mining industry, forming the foundation for decision-making processes and investment evaluations. An accurate and reliable MRE helps mining companies determine the commercial viability of their projects, plan future mining activities, and provide transparent information to stakeholders. It serves as an essential tool for companies seeking financing, regulatory compliance, and responsible resource management.


Adherence to JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 Guidelines:

At Nautilus, we understand the significance of following internationally recognized guidelines to ensure the credibility and integrity of our MRE calculations. We strictly adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes, which outline the best practices and standards for reporting mineral resources. These codes provide comprehensive guidelines for the estimation, classification, and reporting of mineral resources, ensuring consistency and transparency in the industry.


Competent Persons:

Nautilus Mineral Resources boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced competent persons who possess the necessary technical expertise to execute MRE projects with precision. Our competent persons, as defined by the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes, are professionals who are recognized for their qualifications, experience, and competence in mineral resource estimation. They adhere to strict ethical standards and possess in-depth knowledge of geological modeling, data analysis, and mineral resource evaluation.


Our Professional Approach to MRE Calculation:

Geological Modeling:

A solid foundation for any MRE is the accurate and detailed geological model. Our competent persons employ advanced geological modeling techniques, integrating geological data, structural information, and geostatistical analysis to create robust geological models. These models provide a spatial representation of the mineralization, allowing for accurate estimation and interpretation of the mineral resources.


Data Validation:

Data quality is paramount in MRE calculations. Our competent persons meticulously validate and analyze the input data, ensuring its integrity and reliability. They perform thorough checks for data completeness, accuracy, and representativeness, identifying and addressing any inconsistencies or outliers. This process guarantees that the resulting MRE is based on sound data, enhancing the overall accuracy of the estimation.


Statistical Analysis:

Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in MRE, enabling us to understand the variability and distribution of the mineralization. Our team utilizes advanced statistical techniques, such as variography, to quantify the spatial continuity and assess the grade distribution within the deposit. By analyzing the statistical characteristics of the mineralization, we can make informed decisions regarding the appropriate estimation methods and parameters to use.


Grade Interpolation:

Accurate grade interpolation is essential for determining the tonnage and grade of mineral resources. Our competent persons employ various interpolation methods, such as inverse distance weighting, kriging, or geostatistical simulations, depending on the specific characteristics of the deposit. These methods allow for the estimation of grades at unsampled locations, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the mineral resources.


Reporting and Documentation:

Transparent and comprehensive reporting is a fundamental aspect of MRE. Our competent persons diligently document the entire estimation process, ensuring that each step is properly recorded and auditable. We adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 codes' reporting requirements, which include providing detailed descriptions of the estimation methodology, assumptions, limitations, and sensitivity analyses. This level of transparency instills confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our MRE calculations.


Collaboration with International Professional Companies:

Nautilus Mineral Resources understands the importance of collaboration and continuous improvement. To enhance our technical capabilities and stay at the forefront of industry advancements, we have established alliances with international professional companies. These partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge, access cutting-edge technologies, and leverage best practices from around the world. By engaging in collaborative efforts, we continually refine our processes, ensuring that our MRE services remain at the forefront of technical excellence.



Nautilus Mineral Resources is your trusted partner in professional Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE). We adhere to the JORC 2012 and NI 41-101 guidelines, ensuring that our MRE calculations are conducted in a smart, accurate, and professional manner. With our team of competent persons and our commitment to technical proficiency, we provide comprehensive and reliable MRE services that meet industry standards. By collaborating with international professional companies, we continuously enhance our capabilities, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and reliable mineral resource assessments. Trust Nautilus Mineral Resources for all your MRE needs, and experience the power of technical excellence in mineral resource estimation.



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a leading provider of Mining and Quarry Acquisition Technical Due Diligence services. At Nautilus, we understand the critical importance of conducting thorough and accurate due diligence assessments before engaging in any mining or quarry acquisition. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering smart and professional evaluations that enable our clients to make informed decisions. We follow internationally recognized codes, such as the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) 2012 or National Instrument 41-101 (NI 41-101), to ensure that our due diligence processes are conducted in the right way.


When it comes to technical due diligence, Nautilus adheres to a comprehensive and meticulous approach that covers multiple essential steps. Firstly, we conduct a thorough review of geological data and mineral resource estimates. Our team of competent persons meticulously evaluates the existing data, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. We adhere to the guidelines outlined in JORC 2012 or NI 41-101, depending on the jurisdiction, to guarantee compliance with industry standards.


Furthermore, our technical due diligence process includes an evaluation of mining methods and mine design. We carefully assess the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed mining operations, considering factors such as geotechnical aspects, equipment requirements, and extraction techniques. Our team of experts combines their practical experience with the guidelines provided by JORC 2012 or NI 41-101, allowing us to make informed judgments and recommendations.


In addition to the technical aspects, Nautilus also focuses on conducting thorough commercial due diligence. We understand the significance of analyzing financial data, contracts, and agreements to assess the economic viability and potential risks associated with a mining or quarry acquisition. Our professionals evaluate the financial statements, capital expenditure projections, and revenue forecasts, ensuring that the transaction aligns with our clients' strategic goals.


Moreover, our team examines legal and environmental aspects, including permits, licenses, and compliance with environmental regulations. We engage legal experts and environmental consultants to conduct detailed assessments and provide valuable insights into any potential legal or environmental challenges that may arise during the acquisition process.


To ensure the highest level of professionalism and accuracy, Nautilus maintains a strong focus on quality assurance and quality control. We employ robust systems to review and verify data, cross-check information, and mitigate any potential biases or errors. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in JORC 2012 or NI 41-101, we uphold the highest industry standards and ensure our evaluations are comprehensive and reliable.


At Nautilus, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional technical and commercial due diligence services. Our team of competent persons brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring that our clients receive thorough and insightful assessments. Whether you are considering a mining or quarry acquisition, trust Nautilus to provide you with the smart and professional due diligence you need to make informed decisions.1.5.  Due diligence (technical and commercial).


Nautilus Mineral Resources is renowned for our superior ability to conduct thorough and insightful due diligence of the technical and commercial perspectives. Our dedicated team, equipped with vast industry knowledge and experience, possesses the expertise to meticulously assess mining projects and transactions. Through rigorous analysis, we delve into the technical aspects, evaluating the geological potential, resource estimation, and operational feasibility. Additionally, our commercial due diligence encompasses comprehensive financial assessments, market analysis, and risk evaluations.

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where we are committed to delivering excellence in mining operations while prioritizing sustainability, environmental responsibility, and adherence to mining codes. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every step of the mining process, from exploration to the final closure phase, ensuring a smart and efficient approach that adds value at every stage.


Our mining operation begins with meticulous exploration or near-mine exploration, conducted in strict compliance with environmental regulations and guidelines. Our experienced environmental team closely monitors our activities, employing non-invasive techniques to minimize our ecological footprint and protect sensitive ecosystems and biodiversity.


When it comes to mine design, we integrate sustainability principles to ensure long-term environmental and social viability. Thorough environmental impact assessments are conducted, considering factors such as water usage, waste management, and land reclamation. By incorporating sustainable mining practices, we strive to minimize our impact on local communities and preserve natural resources for future generations.


Equipment selection is another critical aspect where sustainability is a priority. We carefully evaluate machinery not only based on performance and efficiency but also on their environmental impact. Our aim is to choose equipment that is energy-efficient, incorporates advanced emission control systems, and reduces noise and dust emissions. By investing in environmentally friendly equipment, we actively contribute to a greener future.


Process optimization plays a crucial role in our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. We continually evaluate and refine our processes to minimize energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation. Through the implementation of innovative technologies and practices, such as advanced automation and real-time monitoring, we optimize resource utilization and minimize our environmental footprint.


Throughout our operations, we strictly adhere to internationally recognized mining codes and standards. These codes, such as the International Cyanide Management Code and the Global Reporting Initiative, serve as our benchmarks for responsible mining practices. Regular audits and assessments are conducted to ensure strict compliance, maintaining the highest standards of environmental performance, safety, and social responsibility.


Our maintenance team follows best practices to minimize equipment downtime and maximize operational efficiency, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste generation. By implementing preventive maintenance strategies and employing skilled technicians, we extend the lifespan of our equipment while reducing our environmental impact.


As we approach the closure phase of our mining operation, we prioritize site rehabilitation and reclamation. Collaborating with environmental specialists and local communities, we develop comprehensive closure plans that restore the site's ecosystem and ensure its long-term sustainability. Through measures such as re-vegetation, water management, and land rehabilitation, we aim to leave a positive legacy in the areas where we operate.


At Nautilus Mineral Resources, sustainability, environmental responsibility, and adherence to mining codes are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations. From exploration and mine design to equipment selection, process optimization, and maintenance, we combine expertise and professionalism with a strong commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, conserving resources, and upholding the highest standards of responsible mining. By doing so, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the environment and the communities we work with, while delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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your premier partner for professional Mine Ore Capacity Building solutions. With a commitment to excellence and industry-leading practices, we offer smart and efficient services to optimize your mining operations. Our team of highly skilled professionals, well-versed in industry guidelines such as JORC 2012 and NI 41-101, ensures accurate and reliable capacity calculations.


At Nautilus, our professional approach to capacity building involves a collaborative process tailored to your specific needs. We closely collaborate with your team to understand your mining objectives, geological data, and operational constraints. This collaborative approach ensures that our capacity building strategy aligns perfectly with your requirements.


Utilizing advanced software and modeling techniques, we meticulously analyze geological data, including drill data, geological maps, and sampling results. This enables us to estimate the size, grade, and distribution of mineral resources accurately. We evaluate various factors such as orebody geometry, mining methods, ore processing technologies, and market demand to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for capacity optimization.


Our expertise extends to developing robust mine planning and scheduling strategies that maximize ore extraction and processing efficiency. We consider uncertainties and risks, ensuring our proposed measures are practical and sustainable. During implementation, we provide comprehensive support, including training programs and knowledge transfer sessions to empower your staff with the skills and expertise needed for enhanced capacity operations.


Nautilus remains committed to your success by offering ongoing support and monitoring. We conduct regular audits and reviews to assess the effectiveness of implemented measures and identify areas for continuous improvement.


Choose Nautilus Mineral Resources for professional Mine Ore Capacity Building that optimizes your mining operations and drives long-term success.

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the premier destination for exceptional mining commissioning services. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver smart and professional commissioning solutions for full mine departments. Our expertise lies in managing the commissioning process in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.


At Nautilus Mineral Resources, we recognize the crucial role that commissioning plays in the mining industry. It is during this phase that all systems, equipment, and processes are thoroughly tested and fine-tuned to guarantee smooth operations. We approach each commissioning project with unwavering professionalism, utilizing our wealth of experience to meticulously inspect and assess every aspect of the mine department.


With a methodical approach, we begin by conducting a comprehensive review of the department's design and specifications, identifying areas for improvement. From there, we develop a detailed commissioning plan that aligns with your objectives and requirements. Our team of experts, comprised of skilled professionals from various fields, is equipped to handle the complexities of commissioning projects with ease.


Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we adhere to rigorous safety protocols and guidelines throughout the commissioning process. Our team conducts thorough risk assessments, implements appropriate safety measures, and ensures that all personnel involved are well-trained. We prioritize the well-being of our team members and the environment, taking every precaution to mitigate potential risks and hazards.


Clear and transparent communication is the cornerstone of our approach. We maintain open lines of communication with mine operators and stakeholders, providing regular progress updates and addressing any concerns promptly. This collaborative environment fosters effective teamwork and enables us to deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.


We understand that commissioning is not just about getting departments up and running; it's about optimizing their performance. With meticulous testing, performance evaluations, and fine-tuning processes, we strive to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. Our ultimate goal is to deliver fully commissioned mine departments that operate at their peak potential, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.


Nautilus Mineral Resources is your trusted partner for mining commissioning services, committed to providing exceptional solutions in a safe and professional manner. Experience the difference we can make in the success of your mine departments by entrusting your commissioning needs to us.

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The industry leader in mining optimization. We specialize in smart and professional solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability in mining. Our experts analyze various aspects of the mining process, including power and water consumption, to develop customized optimization strategies. By reducing power usage through energy-efficient equipment and renewable sources, we improve profitability and contribute to a greener future. We also address responsible water usage by implementing recycling and treatment processes. Our optimization studies follow a systematic approach, including data collection, modeling, and simulation to identify optimal solutions. We prioritize safety and regulatory compliance throughout the process. Nautilus Mineral Resources empowers clients to maximize productivity, profitability, and environmental stewardship. Join us in creating a sustainable future through smart mining optimization.